Application Range:

Processors of technical textiles and composites such as component suppliers for the automotive, aircraft and similar industries.

Material use:

Woven and none-woven technical textiles, composites, sheet materials, rubber, flooring and a wide range of synthetic materials.


Special properties:

The "PREMIUMCUTT" cuts the components straight from the roll in whatever quantity needed. The materials can be heavy and or wide. Shapes to be cut can be complex, delicate or large. The "PREMIUMCUT" handles them all. A high percentage of materials can be cut without the need of using foil. The "PREMIUMCUT" is a high performance cutter that includes all the benefits for which topcut-bullmer is well known.

Excellent engineering, reliability, highest flexibility and low maintenance cost.

Cutting tools:

The "PREMIUMCUT" comes in the standard version with a tool-board equiped with one selectable driven cutting tool and a pen. Depending upon the type of tool-board, up to four cutting tools and a pen, can be controlled in an alternate operation.

Special tool combinations upon request.