German engineering is known in the world for it’s
design combined with outstanding functional characteristics.
The users benefit from high advantage
in production, high efficiency and availability
and low maintenance costs.

The wide range of fabrics and flat materials which
are brought to bear differ extensively from each
other. Topcut-bullmer therefore follows two objectives
with his developments: First to built spreading
machines, which can handle a wide spectrum
of fabrics and second to enable them to
cope with extreme needs.

In the area of material handling topcut-bullmer supports
two ways. The fabric rolls are lead via a bar,
which allows a very gentle winding. The bar can
be powered respectively not driven. The alternative
consists in a belt-driven cradle which provokes
the perimeter of the roll. This technology offers the
advantage to lead the roll without any attachment.

• Distortion-free, light sectional steel chassis
• Four-wheel drive with „Vulkollan“ wheels
• Stable lateral guidance with 4 lateral guide rollers at the angle bracket on the operator side
• 3-phase traction drive with frequency control
• Machine reversing speed can be adjusted
• Automatic pre-centring of material beginning during
• Electronic edge control, manually adjustable
• Fault-cutting-off-mode with automatic synchronous
material rewinding
• Automatic return drive of spreader to the loading
position at fabric end
• Motor-driven lift for the cutting and zigzag unit, with
automatic height adjustment at ply height
• Control handle for continuous manual adjustment of
the spreading speed
• Power and air supply with cable drag chain
• Encoder for measuring and controlling for drive and
spreading length by means of a tooth belt at the table

• Integrated, all-in-one controller opposite the operator
side in externally blower housing
• 4-fold emergency stop on both sides and at the front
and back of the machine
• CANBUCON 1 controller on free programmable
basis, control panel with display, control in CAN-BUS