Cutting Technology by topcut-bullmer

German engineering is known for it's design and outstanding functional characteristics. Users benefit from high production, high effinciency and relyability with low maintenance costs.


Generic features and supplies of all topcut-bullmer cutting machines in the basic version


  • Reversible bristle convayor
  • X- and Y-axis driven by linear-modules
  • Brushless  permanent-magnet-motor-driver for al axis
  • Parameter driven stepless adjustable vacuum
  • Filter for vacuum turbime
  • Integrated sound absorber for exhaust
  • Integrated cleaning of the bristles
  • Sharpening device with self adjusting diamond disc
  • Automatic knife-frequency-dependent oil dosage
  • Right operator side
  • Industrial PC on an actual performance level with flat screen
  • Intergated high performance vacuum turbine, 15 kw
  • Standard working widths: 1600/1800/2000/2200 mm
  • Standard length of clearing zone: 1850/2300 mm


  • Windows operating system
  • Operator guide with plausibility control and fault diagnoses
  • Automatic adaptation of inclined ply position to marker
  • Automatic start point optimization for single pieces
  • Elimination of common cut-lines
  • Automatic chain up of markers (job queue)
  • Dry run - simulation of cut-path
  • Referencing of several markers in job-queue
  • Cut-path optimization and small pieces first
  • Operating data logging (data management)
  • Application for remote-services